Self-Help Course

You have tried and hoped and dreamed to be fluent. 

You have participated in therapy with several speech language pathologists, and they have tried to make you fluent too. 

Or maybe you haven’t had the time or money to see a speech language pathologist.  
But you know one thing: 
You can’t go on living like this. 
You can’t go on fearing most speaking situations, avoiding others. 
You can’t go on living life controlled by stuttering. 
Like you, I’ve dreamed about being fluent. As a child, I whispered a wish for fluency with every penny I threw into every fountain, with every birthday candle I blew out. I saw four different speech language pathologists as a child, and each one tried to make me fluent. 

“Breath like this!” they taught me. “Pause here!” they recommended. “Talk like this!” they suggested.  
But I never got anywhere! I was always stuck… Until I entered graduate school and learned from a group of others who stutter that stuttering is ok! 
My mentality about stuttering didn’t change overnight. It took a lot of work, a lot of introspection, self-monitoring, change. But afterwards, I felt free! 
I want to offer you the chance to free yourself from stuttering’s control as well, to do what you want and say what you want, despite stuttering! I want to share with you and others who stutter that the experience of stuttering is not a handicap, but just another aspect of your multifaceted personality.
I wasted time in therapy as a child and spent lots of money on grad school. I don’t regret the grad school part (at all!) But you don’t have to waste your time or spend loads of money to reach your goal of breaking free from stuttering. 
I’ve spent years refining my stuttering views and learning from experts and others who stutter. I have put all the information I’ve learned into this program. 
Will this program guarantee that you achieve freedom from stuttering? Well, not if you don’t put in the work. 
And even if you put in the work, the thoughts and ideas on which this course is based may not resonate with you. And that’s fine. I try not to be dogmatic and present many options to you so that you can craft a self-therapy journey that fits your needs. But if things don’t work out, I will provide you a full refund. 
I’d like to invite you to join this program. 
Now, do you have to? No, you could read all the blog posts I’ve written and other internet resources from The Stuttering Foundation of America or the National Stuttering Association and get lots of the information that way. Or you could travel hours each month to see a speech therapist. 
And, to be honest, in-person therapy is probably your best bet. Research suggests that the quality of the relationship between a client and clinician is a huge indicator of a successful therapy experience. 

So, I think if you have highly qualified, experienced stuttering experts in your area, by all means seek them out first. (And I really mean that!) 

This course is not therapy. I give you research-backed ideas, I give you personal experience, I give you thoughts of prominent minds in the field of stuttering, I suggest some ways to implement these ideas…and I let you take it from there.  

Although this program is not therapy, research suggests that another indicator of a positive therapy experience is an element of self-help, or the stuff that goes on beyond the therapy room walls. This program is a self-help manual, a road-map if you will. 
And look how it compares in convenience (and price) to therapy or finding your own way with free online information.  

  • With this program, there’s no travel involved. If you live in a rural area, where few stuttering specialists practice, this is a perk for you.  
  • You can participate from the comfort of your living room on a Sunday morning, drinking coffee, your cat curled up in your lap, if you want. 
  • With this program, there is no waiting list. You can begin instantly after purchase.  
  • You won’t need to spend hours and hours sifting through online articles, both useful, evidence-based information and more questionable information.  

So, you could do loads of research online or get on the waiting list for a local slp.
But have you? 
It’s time to make a change.
This program will guide you, systematically, step by step through your stuttering transformation journey. Each step provides information via text and video about research-based ways to live a full life, despite stuttering.

Everything I teach you is backed up by either empirical research, theories of prominent researchers in stuttering, or my own personal experience. 
I will not give you a special pill to make stuttering go away. I will not give any promise of fluency, in fact. 

If fluent speech is your end goal, this course may not be for you.  
But I can reasonably predict that after you complete this course, you will have less fear and anxiety surrounding stuttering and will finally feel free of the perceived control stuttering has had over your life.  
The cost: 
200 dollars
Can you get your money back from your speech language pathologist if you don’t feel you’re getting anything out of her sessions? No!
If you don’t love this program, I’ll send you 100% of your money back. 
Take action! Take back your life.  

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